Bricchetti correttivi per cubilotto Ricarburanti e rigonfianti per acciaieria e fonderia Ferroleghe

Our products

The use of carefully selected raw materials and generous storage of final product together with delivery punctuality, allow the Company to have an optimistic view of an even better future, holding a considerable Italian market share and an important presence in the European markets.

The recent improvement of plant installations has been carried out to meet the diversified demand from foreign markets.

Recarburizers and swelling products for steel plant and foundry

Ricarburanti e rigonfianti per acciaieria e fonderiaIt is a wide range of products including graphite, coke, calcined petroleum, Met coke and all the best natural and synthetic carbons. In so far as chemical and physical characteristics of raw material allow, we are able to produce recarburizers on customer demand.



The factory has a carbon drying and screening plant of 15 ton/h drying capacity, a crushing and granulometric sorting plant (capacity: 30 ton/h), an automatic sack handling system (15 ton/h) and about 1,200-ton storage silos.


Inoculant briquettes for use in cupola furnace

Bricchetti correttivi per cubilottoWe produce and supply Silicon, Silicon Carbide, Manganese, Phosphorus and Chrome briquettes. We offer many types of briquettes as well as packaging solutions. Technical sheets reporting dimensions, weight, ferro-alloy contents, and raw materials used for production on demand.


FerrolegheMoreover, the factory has a grinding and screening plant of 30 ton/h capacity placed side by side to a drying and granulometric sorting plant (capacity: 15 ton/h), and a storage capacity of about 10,000 tons.




More precisely we offer:

  • Fe-Si 75%
  • Fe-Mn HC (High Carbon)
  • Fe-Mn MC/LC (Medium Carbon)
  • Fe-Si-Mn
  • Fe-Cr HC (High Carbon)
  • Fe-P
  • SiC


These materials are supplied in different standard sizes for steel plant and foundry.